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Useful links

Useful links

General microscopy

- many of the basic concepts in microscopy are covered here - (video lectures covering many aspects of basic and advanced microscopy)

Fluorophores and their properties

- interactive database of many common fluorescent proteins, their properties and associated literature (constitutively fluorescent proteins) (photochromic fluorescent proteins)

- an almost comprehensive database of many fluorescent proteins, their sequences, 1 and 2p spectra etc. (find all about your fluorescent protein) (spectra viewer) (FRET pairs and FRET parameters)

- a very nice spectra viewer by Stephan Junek and his group from Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, Germany

Image analysis

Fiji (powerful open-source image analysis software)

BISE (database and search engine of bioimage analysis tools, programs, plugins etc.) (a forum where questions about the usage of most major image data handling software can be  asked) 



GermanBioImaging (network of microscopists and imaging specialists, contains useful links, events, teaching material)

NEUBIAS (network of bioimage analysts, contains bioimage analysis related events, career and grants information)

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